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should i use large dildos on my girlfriend

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Should I use a dildo on my girlfriend? - Quora

Answer (1 of 6): Your girlfriend wants you to use a dildo on her whether she knows it or not. (If she's at all adventurous in bed skip this part) I'm not saying you should force it on her, never do that. Some women are embarrassed to admit they want to use one, some have it in their head for what...

Why Do Women Use Big Dildos? | Men's Health Magazine Australia

In my opinion, you need a bigger dildo to get close to the same feeling you have with your partner. Dildos and penises also move differently when thrusting. Just my opinion and experience."

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Should I use a dildo bigger than my penis on my wife? - Quora

Answer (1 of 7): I recently asked myself this. I’m slightly above average in length but I’m below average in girth. We’ve been married for 13 years. Our sex life became boring over the years.

My Girlfriend uses a dildo that's bigger than me... - Sex and ...

Recently discovered that my girlfriend of 7 months uses a dildo that is 8" long, while I am only 6" long. It is, at least, a slightly smaller girth than I am. She isn't able to orgasm with only 6" because it doesn't hit her CDS in the back of the vagina.

Buying big dildo for gf....bad idea? | Hip Forums

also, presenting a woman with a huge dildo can actually make her feel very uncomfortable as well, thinking that you will be expecting her to stuff it inside her pussy because you think she will enjoy it.

[Advice] I used a large dildo on my girlfriend. She enjoyed ...

It doesn't matter if she likes the big dildo - it will never make her feel the way your penis does. I have a huge dildo too. I like it a lot but if I have the choice I will choose my husband every single time .

Does using a large dildo make sex with your boyfriend less ...

I enjoy using large dildos on my wife, circumference of 7.75" to just over 8". She enjoys the sensation and visual stimulation of a big cock. She has multiple climaxes and I enjoy her hot wet pussy. I like that it's stretched, that gaping vaginal opening is a real turn on.

Will a huge dildo ruin her for me? | LPSG

However, I have experienced that girls don't always want to use a huge dildo or even a dildo for that matter...so communication is the key when to use and not to use. #10 BillyD , Sep 18, 2007 D_Kay_Sarah_Sarah Account Disabled

My girlfriend bought a big dildo. I feel inferior. Please ...

634. Posted by 7 years ago. Archived. My girlfriend bought a big dildo. I feel inferior. Please advise. She bought it for her entertainment, which I'm totally fine with, however, it's 8.5 inches / 21.7 cm long, and quite girthy-looking, whereas I pack a 6.3" / 16cm on my best day. I feel inferior.