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FantasyDildo - reddit

r/FantasyDildo: A community to showcase the use of fantasy themed/crazy looking dildos. Open to any Gender/Identity!! Sex worker and ad friendly space

NEW Silicone Fantasy Toy Maker Masterlist!! : BadDragon - reddit

Keep in mind this is only for pure silicone fantasy toys - so no glass, wood, non-fantasy etc. Please note this list's purpose is purely meant to catalog makers, a shop being listed is not necessarily a recommendation (though I have picked out a few shops I personally find noteworthy using ★'s and ⛔️'s).

List of Fantasy Toy Makers : SexToys - reddit

For silicone makers, their toys should be fantasy-oriented. If this were a list of indie toy makers, it would become too sprawling and unwieldy to manage. "Borderline fantasy silicone" is for makers whose toys don't quite count as fantasy, but still have really cool shapes (e.g. SquarePeg) or colours (e.g. Funkit).

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My first fantasy dildo : diysextoys - reddit.com

Yet almost every dildo, except for specially designed ones, points straight up from the base. So if, say, you had a suction cup or a strap-on harness, it's gonna be like it was only half-erect. (Except if you've got a straight out dick. nothing wrong with that, just looking to fill a hole in the market, so to speak.)

A Master Adventurer’s Guide to Artists Using Silicone as ...

Using the Silicone Fantasy Toy Maker Masterlist found here, I went through and began the long project of attempting to catalog the various models, colours, and promos that these artists have used in the past. I wanted to see what all was available and get some inspiration for custom orders.

Toy request : non realistic but non fantasy squishy dildo ...

I am looking for a dildo with the following criteria: Super soft silicone (squishy) that can be used for vaginal penetration. about 15cm long (will be used for pouding mainly, so not looking for something too big) Harness compatible. Phallic shape but non realistic (no balls, no veins..)

The Cock Compendium - List of Fantasy Toy Makers - reddit.com

Below, you'll find a list of fantasy toy makers and shops that specialize in dildos, storage bags, strap-on harnesses, and other accessories for your sexy-time needs. Lots of new folks don't know how many different creators are out there, and I know that the Canadian and European manufacturers aren't given as much press as Bad Dragon.

Ask me about making horrific silicone fantasy dildos! [NWS ...

Making dildos doesn't take any particular skill beyond a knack for 3-dimensional artwork (and I mean "artwork" in a very loose sense). The equipment isn't too expensive and you don't need a dedicated workshop, but don't expect to get your security deposit back after basting your carpet in liquid silicone.

27 Best Fantasy Dildos & Bad Dragon Alternatives [2021]

Welcome to our best fantasy dildo roundup for 2021! Discover the most exotic, creative silicone dildos that make for great Bad Dragon alternatives. After years of testing different dildos—from regular, vibrating, to the more realistic ones, I (or shall I say my lady parts) got BORED.