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What are the Different Types of Expansion Valves? 1. Thermal Expansion Valves. A thermal expansion valve or thermostatic expansion valve (often abbreviated as TEV, TXV,... 2. Manual Valves. These types of expansion valves are manually operated needle valves. The needle position is fixed, and... 3. ...

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Expansion Valves Automatic Exp. Valves Thermostatic Exp. Valves Capillary Tubes Float Valves

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This video focuses on explaining refrigeration and air conditioning technicians what are different types of expansion valves and where are they used.

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Capillary tube. Thermostatic expansion valve. Low side float valve. Automatic or Constant pressure expansion valve. Hand-operated expansion valve. High side float valve.

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Externally-Equalized Expansion Valve. Operation of the externally-equalized valve is the same as the internal type except that evaporator pressure is fed against the underside of the diaphragm from the tail pipe of the evaporator by an equalizer line.

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Types of Thermostatic Expansion Valve: Classification of thermal expansion valves is done of the basis of how the evaporator pressure affects the position of the needle, which controls the flow of the refrigerant. Thus they are of two types: internally equalised and externally equalised. i) Internally equalised: