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Best Warming or Cooling Lubes: Our Top 7 Picks

Whatever lubricant you choose, you are ensured to have a more pleasurable bedroom experience. Here are some of the best warming or cooling lubes that you should try out: K-Y Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant. K-Y’s Warming Jelly Personal Lubricant is the #1 doctor recommended personal lubricant brand in the U.S, so it is definitely a must try product.

New Sensation: 4 Best Warming, Cooling & Tingling Lubes (2021)

Cooling Lube: Alternatively, cooling lubes are on the opposite end of the spectrum to warming lubes and provide a unique feeling of chill wherever they are applied. Although they turn down the heat, cooling lubricants are not the same thing as numbing or desensitizing lubes — in fact, cooling lubricants can also make you more sensitive to touch!

Warming Lube or Cooling Lube: A Brief Overview-Best Lube Zone

The cooling lubes are also, oftentimes referred to as tingling lubes and are specially designed to create a cold sensation. The active ingredient responsible for this cold sensation is mostly menthol or mint. These cooling lubes, unlike their warm counterparts leave a cool after-effect on the skin after the sexual encounter. As great as these feelings could be, there are a few things that people should take note of when looking to get either warming lube or cooling lube. After-effect of ...

10 Best Warming Lubes - Best Warming Lubricants

Warming lube, however, typically contains additional ingredients like glycerol, capsaicin, menthol, or glycerine, which allow it to create that warming sensation.

Warming and Cooling Lubricants -- Hot and Cold Lubes

Hot And Cold Lubes. Play with temperature with these - KY Sensual Silk Personal Liquid Warming Lubricant , Kama Sutra Intensifying Cooling Gel, Oceanus' Warming Carrageenan Personal Lubricant, and...

The 6 Best Warming Lubricants - Bustle

With warming lubes, glide is often a lower priority — but this stimulating gel from Ocean Sensuals is ideal for those who need or prefer a wetter, more slippery feel. This water-based pick ...

Warming Lube - Best Warming Lubricants - Cosmopolitan

Aside from the potential “no thanks” of ice-cold lube hitting your skin as you’re getting it in, the warming effect of lube can increase blood flow to the area, waking up nerve endings, and ...

Warming Lubricant Application Techniques | Step by Step ...

Use a Warming Lubricant A “warming” lubricant or oil ( see our selection here ) contains minty or peppery ingredients, which increase sensation and stimulate circulation in genitals before and during sex, with or without a personal vibrator.

Skore Cooling/Warming Lubricant 50 ml – Toy Factory's

Chillout with SKORE Lube Cooling as the action heats up. Splash a few drops onto the body and enjoy the cooling sensitivity. A moisturiser intended for all over body application. SKORE Lubes moisturises and eases dryness. Skore warming. Here’s more fuel to the stoke the flame of passion higher. Splash a few drops onto