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The Best Lubricants for Anal Sex | Bespoke Surgical

Warming and cooling lubricants, though highly desired, also should be avoided as they are a known irritant and are not truly designed for anal sex. Desensitizing lubes, unless physician recommended for specific situations, should be avoided as well – specifically in the beginning stages of learning anal play – since one should always be able to tell when an activity is painful.

Warming Lube or Cooling Lube: A Brief Overview-Best Lube Zone

The cooling lubes are also, oftentimes referred to as tingling lubes and are specially designed to create a cold sensation. The active ingredient responsible for this cold sensation is mostly menthol or mint. These cooling lubes, unlike their warm counterparts leave a cool after-effect on the skin after the sexual encounter. As great as these feelings could be, there are a few things that people should take note of when looking to get either warming lube or cooling lube. After-effect of ...

Best Warming or Cooling Lubes: Our Top 7 Picks

Best Warming or Cooling Lubes Viamax Warm Cream. Viamax Warm Cream is a female intimate cream designed to increase and lengthen climax time. What... Luxxx Beauty Intensify Female Enhancement and Stimulant Gel. This lubricant and stimulant gel works as a natural arousal... Wet Synergy Plus Warming. ...

10 Best Warming Lubes - Best Warming Lubricants

Warming lubes can increase both blood flow and sensation during sex or solo play. Shop here for the best warming lubricants you'll want to keep at your bedside.

Warming and Cooling Lubricants -- Hot and Cold Lubes

Hot And Cold Lubes. Play with temperature with these - KY Sensual Silk Personal Liquid Warming Lubricant , Kama Sutra Intensifying Cooling Gel, Oceanus' Warming Carrageenan Personal Lubricant, and ...

Research Update: Are Lubes Safe for Anal Sex?

Anal gonorrhea or chlamydia were found in 5.6% of women and 10.2% of men. About one in nine (11.7%) of the participants who used lube the last time they had anal sex had an anal STI, compared to about one in 22 (4.5%) of the participants who had not used lube. Over two-thirds (68%) of people diagnosed with an anal STI had used a lube compared ...