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Either boil for 5-10 minutes, put it in your dishwasher (on top rack), or wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Do not boil silicone vibrators because you will destroy the vibrator mechanism. Cleaning porous materials: rubber, vinyl, cyberskin, nylon, and leather

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Submerge the toy in boiling water; Wash with fragrance-free soap and water or a toy cleaner; Sanitize using a specially-crafted, high-tech system

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“If you have nonvibrating silicone toys (like dildos or butt plugs) you can take an added step and boil them in water for up to 3 minutes to sanitize them thoroughly,” Deysach explains.

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Pot for boiling water: You can disinfect a variety of toys by first surface-cleaning them and then submerging them in boiling water for just a few minutes. Bleach and spray bottle (or another ...

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Tips for how to clean sex toys like: vibrators, butt plugs, dildos, and more. ... you should not put your $120 vibrator in a pot of boiling water. By Morgan ... "Silicone dildos can be boiled for ...

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Before boiling your toy, I recommend using a mild dish detergent and some hot water to wash off any particulate matter that may be clinging to it. While boiling may make the dirt , lube , and whatnot sterile, it won't necessarily take it off the toy, and no one wants a sterile but crusty dildo to play with the next time the mood strikes .

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To clean, pump out desired foam and rub it into your toy, letting it sit for 10 seconds. Rinse it under water, and dry. “Great product. Feels clean and rinses off completely.

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Depends on the material the Dildo is made of. Most of the time, soap and water will do it. I always recommend putting a condom over the toy anyway. Its a clean surface. Silicone: Soap and Water. Silicone toys can also be boiled or run through the dishwasher. Super Skin: a very light amount of isopropyl alcohol. Do NOT use soap! PVC/Plastic: Soap and Water.