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Overview of the Anal Sphincter - Verywell Health

Anal Stenosis . Anal stenosis is not a common condition, but it can be related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and in Crohn's disease more so than in ulcerative colitis. In anal stenosis, the anal sphincter becomes narrowed, to the point where it is difficult to have a bowel movement. Other symptoms include pain and bleeding.

Anatomy of Colon and Rectum | SEER Training

Anatomy of Colon and Rectum. The entire colon is about 5 feet (150 cm) long, and is divided into five major segments. The rectum is the last anatomic segment before the anus. The ascending and descending colon are supported by peritoneal folds called mesentery. The right colon consists of the cecum, ascending colon, hepatic flexure and the ...

Imaging of the Female Perineum in Adults | RadioGraphics

The anal sphincter is a multilayered cylindric structure, with the following layers extending outward from the innermost mucosal lining: the smooth muscle layer of the internal sphincter, the fat-containing intersphincteric space, and the outer striated muscle, with the upper half of the latter consisting of the outer sling of the puborectalis muscle, and the lower half representing the cylindric external sphincter (Figs 1, 3, 5) .

Smelly Buttocks (Bum, Anus) – Causes, Remedies, Treatment ...

The reason why the buttocks or bum has a bad smell is mainly due to feces (stool). The odor is usually isolated to the anus and the area immediately around it (perianal area). However, depending on factors like personal hygiene and tendency to perspire, the odor may affect a large part of the buttocks area. Similarly clothing also plays a role in the odor of the area as do skin applications like perfumes, deodorant or lotion.


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Anal Disorders Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

The anus is that part of the intestinal tract that passes through the muscular canal of the pelvis and anal sphincters. It is the final orifice through which stool passes out of the body. In adults, the anus is 4 to 5 centimeters long. The lower half of the anal canal has sensitive nerve endings.

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What is the Purpose of a Rectal Tube? (with pictures)

A rectal tube inserted into the anus opens the rectum and allows gas to pass more easily. Only those who have been fully trained in inserting this tube should use one on a patient. The risks and benefits should be weighed carefully, and the tube should not be used for any longer than medically necessary.

Should I stick this electrode up my butt? - YouTube

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