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  • Market trends – Carbon Fiber Composite Hydrogen Cylinders Will Reach $3 Billion Globally in 2026

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    Hydrogen can be physically stored either as a gas or as a liquid. Gaseous hydrogen is stored in high pressure hydrogen storage tanks at working pressure of 35 MPa or 70 MPa. Carbon fiber composite hydrogen storage tanks, including Type III and IV cylinders, are manufactured with carbon fiber. Typ...
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  • Overview for China Composites Industry 2014

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    1. Overview of China composites industry 1.1 Overview of China fiberglass sub-sector (1) The output of fiberglass: In 2013, the output of fiberglass yarns decreased by 1.0 percent to reach 2.85 million tons. In the first half of 2014, the output of fiberglass yarns grew by 4.3 percent to reach...
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  • Industry Analysis – Composite Materials

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    The latest semi-annual industry survey of the German Composites Association has come out with positive evaluation. The German Composites Association, an industry association with the goal of promoting the development of the German composite industry, has recently published the results of its 16th...
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  • Company latest news – 4 axis filament winding machine

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    A new 4 axis filament winding machine was recently completed!!! Last year, a Russian client contacted us and required to buy a production line for FRP water treatment tank production. After we analyze the actual needs of customers, according to the characteristics of t...
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  • Market dynamics of composite materials – chemical products

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    “Out of stock! Closed order! Stop quoting! Chemical products are price soaring! The maximum increase up to 254%!” This is the most frequent sound in the domestic chemical industry since November. The price of all the chemical products has been increasing continuously, for example, t...
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  • Newly green material in the 21st century – basalt fiber

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    Basalt as the green material in the 21th century is widely used in the building, road, and so on projects. Except for the basalt stones, the product that use the basalt as raw material as well, such as the basalt fiber roving. Basalt fiber roving , Which use the natural...
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  • How to solve the rust problem of construction?

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    As we known, all metals have the natural phenomenon is Corrosion. Steel is an excellent building material which is readily available, highly recyclable and has a high strength-to-weight ratio and relatively long durability, however, it is inevitable- steel corrodes. Steel rust can reduce its stre...
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  • We are here 2019 big5 exhibition

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    Founded in 1980, the Top Five industry Fair (Big5) in Dubai is one of the most influential and largest in the Middle East, which covering hardware, building material & tools, building services & innovation, HVAC, concrete & machinery and security services. T...
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